Did your company start using a company blog or Twitter? This article explains how to get more leads from your social media strategy.

Many social media experts will say that social media is not about ROI or money, but more of a quest to engage your clients and increase brand awareness. However, for many small companies the goal of social media is to generate leads and sell their products or services. The following are some often overlooked ways of generating more leads from your social media assets.

Host competitions on Twitter and Facebook

Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to get your followers to introduce your brand to their friends. Competitions based around who gets the most invites or raffling some goodies among those who brought you a referral are popular. Provided you already have a decent number of followers, this kind of competition can pay back many times the money spent on the price, especially if it requires a purchase from the invited friend.

Add a “Contact the Author” form to each blog post

Adding a simple “Contact the Author” form to each of your blog posts can greatly increase the number of leads you will get from your business blog. The key here is making sure your (very impressed) readers can contact you right when they have finished reading your post, instead of making them go to the main corporate website searching for a contact address to send their queries to. Enabling comments can also be a useful feature but giving your users a way to privately contact the post author can more easily lead to sales.

Keep individual landing pages

Do all of your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles link to the same page? Many businesses can benefit from having individual landing pages for each social media platform they are leveraging. This way the message can be more adequately targeted to the audience reaching that page, and they can be made aware of other ways of connecting with your company. It is also possible to create a greater sense of continuity by incorporating the offers and promotions published on each social network on their respective landing pages.

Don’t make people search

One of the most frequent mistakes of marketing, in general, is expecting customers to work too much to buy something. Internet users are generally very lazy, and do not want to spend a minute more than necessary when buying a product. So, if you are advertising a product on Twitter, or announcing a promotion on Facebook, make sure the links point to a landing page at the start of the conversion funnel. If you send people to a listing of products or your home page, some of them will leave, and you will lose those potential leads.

The key to getting more leads

Social media marketing is a two-way conversation between you and your audience, and that is key to increasing the amount of leads you get from your Facebook or Twitter efforts. While social media may not work for everybody, most business will benefit from it. Always listen to your clients, and make sure they know it and can contact you easily. This way you will not be missing any sale opportunity from your engaged audience.